Advanced Features
Everything you need and more!

Commissions System

Our new commission system is the last missing feature needed to turn your site into a fully-fledged learning platform like Udemy. It lets you set teacher commissions, track sales and pay teachers easily.

Front-End Teacher Interface

In the responses to our recent survey, one request came up again and again.

Gradual Release of Lessons

Release your lessons gradually and keep students coming back for more daily/weekly

Forum & Comments

Students can comment on lessons & ask questions on the forum. Kunena Integration!


Giving your students certificates validates your courses and helps them get jobs

Jump Buttons

Add Jump buttons to lessons to take students to another lesson, relevant to them

Money-Making Features

Everything you need and more!

Promo Codes

Promo codes are a proven way to get more sales! Get more students by offering them a promo code!

Subscription Plans

Set up subscription plans based on days/months/years or create unlimited access plans.

Free Courses

Make courses free for members or students of certain courses or even for guests!

Payment Plugins

Let your students choose from any of the available payment plugins. PayPal and are currently available.

Testing & Tracking Students
Everything you need and more!


Add quizzes throughout your courses to test your students understanding of the material.

Final Exam

Add a final exam to your courses to test their understanding of the course material

Student Manager

Manage all your students in one place, add/remove students and see their progress.

Student & Quiz Tracking

Track student progress and quizzes to know where they stand on each course they take.

3 User Interfaces:

Front-End Teacher Interface Is Here!

Your teachers can prepare whole courses themselves, letting you collect either a percentage of the sales or a set fee. It's up to you.

Student Interface

Student interface allow students to view their courses, their quizzes and test scores and their certificates.

Admin Interface

Admin has full control over courses, teachers, students, payments, promo codes, quizzes and so much more.

Easily Create Online Courses
Everything you need and more!


Create unlimited online courses with modules & lessons

Table of Content

Create a Table of Content for your courses using our easy drag & drop feature


Add lessons to your learning modules with media, text, files, links and more

Media Library

Add any type of media to your media library: video, audio, text, files and more!

The Muslim Family Governance Framework and programs are enabled in our secure Cloud Data Center and Infrastructure Framework


FFIEC, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX and PCI Compliance


Integrated Risks and Controls Self-Assessment Framework
Strategy, Program, High Value Assets identification and management, Risk Assessment, Remediation, Validation and Reporting


ITIL Service Delivery and Service Support


ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS)
Information Security Operations Center and Security Program


ISO 27002 Domain & Controls Technical Implementations
Approved Security Policies, Standards, Tools, Process and Procedures


Secure Infrastructure Baseline Framework and Management
Next Generation Secure Cloud Storage Architecture Design & Implementation


Secure Cloud Data Center – SSAE16 Compliant


Rimici “ONE Source” Muslim Family Governance Operations Engine! (Restricted and Copyright Information)

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